Christine Ervin

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More than a Moonshot: Our Legacy

Scientists recently gave us a 12-year window to cut emissions 50 percent by 2030 in order to reduce severe climate disruption. This stark outlook has prompted proposals such as the “Green New Deal,” spurring fresh conversations about our future and how emerging technologies and trends factor in. Christine paints the landscape on a large canvas — weaving together a reality check on current status, fact-checking different perspectives and show-casing high-impact strategies for winning this Earthshot.

Greening our Built World

Why is the green building market such a hotbed of innovation around the world?  How does it translate the theory of sustainability into tangible results that affect people where they live and work? Christine’s fast-paced profile covers the latest trends, drivers, and inspiring case studies that demonstrate why this market is so crucial for health, prosperity and reducing risks from a disruptive climate.  

Energy 3.0

Today's clean energy markets are growing faster than even enthusiasts predicted years ago — and much faster than mainstream analysts continue to project. Christine captures the fast trajectory of new technologies, obstacles that remain and what lies ahead including their role in U.S. competitiveness, jobs and decarbonizing our economy. She also focuses on the “soft” side of hard technologies that can make all the difference between a laboratory curiosity and a product that sweeps the market.

A New Design Manifesto: Designing for Speed, Scale and Synergy

Today’s environmental and social challenges are accelerating, scaling and interconnecting with each other. Climate change is the prime example affecting everything from economic damages to national security. Most policy responses haven’t kept up with these new forces. Christine makes the case for redesigning strategies for speed, scale and systemic impacts drawing inspiration from leadership in public and private sectors.   

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